KYC documents for new Account Activation on KwikApi

We know as per Govt Rules and regulations KYC is mandatory to activate any type of wallet/account.

KwikApi is a payment aggregator and we provide online payments facilities so we need to collect and validate the KYC of our customers/API Partners/Retailers.

Below mentioned KYC details:


Adhaar Card

PAN Card

GST (If any)

Cancelled Cheque(Mention: “KwikApi KYC purpose”)



Any One Director PAN (Authorized Signatory only)

Adhaar Card (Same Director)

GST (if any)

Company Name Cancelled Cheque (Mention: “KwikApi KYC purpose”)


Director/ Proprietor PAN

Director/ Proprietor Adhaar

Business Registration Certificate (Govt.)

GST (If any)

Firm Name Cancelled Cheque (Mention: “KwikApi KYC purpose”)

Aadhaar & PAN must be self-attested, clean and in Higher resolution, otherwise document will not be accepted.

KYC Format accepted in KwikApi: – PDF(All in One)/JPG/ZIP

Other formats will not be accepted. Customer needs to send their KYC from registered mail address only, and on Mail id which contains with …… or … or also you can upload KYC under the portal (If option available for you).

Never share your KYC outside of the KwikApi portal/mail address. We do not ask you to send your KYC to any other mail provider addresses outside of this organization.