Bulk SMS Api

We are the best Bulk SMS, OTP authentication API service provider with live support. We are a Free API provider with real-time reports SMS marketing and authentication solution provider.


Bulk messaging is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals. It is used by media companies, enterprises, banks (for marketing and fraud control) and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise and mobile marketing.

Types of SMS?

There are three types of SMS service we have. Promotional, Transactional, OTP authentication API kit.

API Basic features

Easy to integrate
Response format, Json,xml,csv
Auto Complain Handling System
API Recharge Report
Transaction Status
24x7 Billing system
High-Speed Recharge
Auto Refund

More about Bulk SMS API

Bulk SMS Software or commonly referred to as SMS API is the only fully featured SMS gateway offering complete Bulk SMS support to internet users. This enables businesses to send large amounts of SMS using their own servers with only a minimal network investment. With the help of an SMS API to service, your application will be able to send SMS from anywhere in the world for free. SMS API also enables your application to send messages to multiple contacts or groups. SMS API provides an effective way for application developers to integrate secure, flexible, scalable, and customizable API to their web applications. SMS API gives a web application a fast and effective way of sending SMS from any location on the internet. You just need to have a Shortcode and an Internet connection and your application are ready to go. The bulk SMS service comes packed with a large number of options like customizing the text message content on kwikapi.com, creating custom messages, scanning a short code, entering phone numbers and sending SMS to multiple contacts from a single application. SMS API has now made it easier for business organizations and individual entrepreneurs to promote their products and services through bulk SMS marketing. SMS marketing offers a cost-effective method of advertising. By using bulk SMS services you can send messages to a large number of customers. SMS API allows mobile users to send bulk messaging with the use of a shortcode. These codes are based on global market shares, so they can easily identify which country or region is the best place to send messages to a customer base. Businesses can also create their own customized SMS promos based on target customer profiles and track delivery reports. This helps organizations in determining if there is a need to modify their strategies or adapt to the market scenario. The gateway acts as a communication tool between the bulk SMS messages and the online content provider. Once the bulk SMS messages reach the content providers, they can further evaluate the performance of the campaign. Based on the evaluation results, the content provider decides whether to launch a specific campaign or not. Bulk SMS API (application programming interface) is the simple way to forward bulk SMS directly from your application to the user's mobile phone. If you just look at the websites of different e-business platforms closely, you'll realize that every e-business platform has an inbuilt SMS API. These APIs allow you to send SMS from one application to another application within a short time. The biggest advantage of using such API is that you can use it without any programming or coding knowledge. However, the API might not be the right solution for every business. For instance, if your marketing strategy focuses on a certain region, bulk SMS messaging won't be a good idea. In such cases, you should opt for short code messaging, which is much more efficient and powerful than the bulk API. Moreover, shortcodes are used for sending SMS to specific user groups or individual mobile phones. With shortcode messaging, you can easily send multiple SMS with different formatting, icons and backgrounds to a single user. As a result, your customer's mobile phone will receive lots of fresh messages with all the new look and feel. One of the most attractive advantages of bulk SMS API is that it helps you send SMS to a number of people who don't even have a cell phone of their own. However, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind when using bulk SMS API. To begin with, your application needs to support sending bulk SMS. You can check out the requirements of your application by browsing the internet and then installing it if it doesn't support this feature.