Broadband Payment Api

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Broadband Payment API

Broadband Bill Pay API is the best solution if you consider to business with your brand name with online bill payment business, everyone can bill payment via nix info bill fetch. Nix info is the digital cash for electronic checks. Payment can be made using your personal computer and bank account for quick, simple and secured payment to business or to family members. If you think that your company is looking for a new form of payment solution and want to know more about bill payment, then consider Broadband Bill Pay. It is one of the simplest ways for sending electronic funds to someone.

API Basic features

Easy to integrate
Response format, Json,xml,csv
Auto Complain Handling System
API Recharge Report
Transaction Status
24x7 Billing system
High-Speed Recharge
Auto Refund

More about Broadband Payment API

Broadband Bill Pay works like a debit and credit card processor. The account details are stored securely with a secure online server and you can access your account anytime and check your bill info by simply logging in to your account. Broadband Bill Pay API is useful for everyone and has made bill payments hassle-free for all customers. Fetching bill info has never been this easy and convenient. You can use any banking software for processing the payment as you want. If you have some other bank accounts such as visa, master card, Discover card, money order then you can also use your account to fetch bill info and pay through those methods. As soon as you have entered all the required details then the system will give you a verification email. You have to check the email and then click on the verify link if you are satisfied with the details of the bill details given. Billing details are usually accurate and updated and there is no need to verify the details yourself. After the verification is done, you can either fund transfer through your bank account or pay through your credit card or any other payment methods you prefer. Another very important feature of Broadband Bill Pay API is that it lets you send money using your credit card to any account of your choice as well. You can use the Broadband Bill Pays's SMS function by sending your SMS to the Bill Pay provider's server and then select the amount you want to transfer. Once you are satisfied with the amount, you can simply sign-up for the account and the fund transfer is made automatically. There is even an option to set up automatic payments through your bank account or your mobile phone. Broadband Bill Pay API is an ideal solution when you consider commercializing your brand name via Bill Payment service with Broadband Bill Pay API. With this service, you can pay your bills online through your broadband account. You may be wondering how the service works. To start with it is a form of online invoice payment where clients pay for bills through their hosting provider. In a few steps, we will go on how Broadband Bill Pays API service works. This API helps you check your entire bill info, view detail and pay bills online. When you want to pay a bill online, you need to first enter your personal Identification Number orPIN. After entering your PIN you need to click on "Activate Payment". After you finish processing the payment then you will get a confirmation email. You need to read and understand the email sent to you, if you don't pay your bill then you need to contact customer care then they will help you resolve the problem. Broadband Bill Pays, best alternative if you believe in business with your corporate brand with a special Bill Payment service. The Bill Payment provider is the company that will send bill payments to clients on behalf of the clients. Every company can Bill Payment online by installing Broadband Bill Pays, by setting up an account with your selected Bill Payment Provider company. This system of online billing has made it easier for clients to pay their bills. Broadband Bill Pay is a simple and fast method to pay utility bills online. Broadband Bill Pay is a fast, secure and easy way to pay your utility bills via bank transfer, credit or debit cards. With this unique service, you can see bill fetch in your mailbox every day without any delay, just click on send and in seconds you would receive your bill. Nix the hassle and load times that keep on messing up your work, with the help of Broadband Bill Pay. Broadband Bill Pay is a secure way to fund your utility bills, with the help of Billing and Funding API. A unique online banking interface is provided with Bill Pay, where you can easily check account details, transfer fund and even bill detail. Bill Payment Provider validates each fund transfer request with authenticity proof, based on information stored in its database. Its secured system is protected by the best data security techniques, such as encryption, multi-factor authentication and data encryption. Broadband Bill Pay is an ideal solution if you believe in an online business with your own brand name by Bill Payment service. It is an online payment gateway, which enables you to accept all major credit card payments for your business website. Broadband Bill Pay is a fast and reliable electronic bill pay service. It provides both electronic and paperless billing capabilities for small, medium and large business. This service allows the customers to make payments online directly through the website without any hassle. Broadband Bill Pays's verification API allows users to send SMS to their chosen vendors. The SMS sent to the vendor's mobile number, will be converted into a CVC and will be used for sending funds. The CVC is an ICAP-like format that is used for sending funds to a designated entity. If the requested entity doesn't accept ICAP-like formats, the CVC will be rejected and a message will be displayed on the website, which indicates that you cannot proceed.