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Bharat Bill Payment System is a Reserve Bank of India (RBI) conceptualised ecosystem driven by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). It is a one-stop ecosystem for all recurring bills providing an interoperable and accessible “Anytime Anywhere” recurring payment service to all customers across India with certainty, reliability and safety of transactions.

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The way forward for your business needs can be determined by the BBPS API gateway solutions you choose. BBPS pronounced as Bank on Band Site Payment Systems is a global payment system that works like a credit card but functions using electronic currency. It offers two unique features to your business debit card and credit card payments. With this unique feature, your transactions become secure, safe and transparent.

Bharat BillPay- The One-stop destination for all recurring payments: Bharat Bill Payment System has multiple modes of payment and provides instant confirmation of payment via an SMS or receipt with a Be-assured symbol. It offers repetitive payments of all type like electricity, telecom, DTH, gas, water bills, insurance premium, loan repayments, Cable, FASTag recharge, Education fees, credit card, municipal taxes, mutual subscription fees, housing society etc. through a single window. An effective mechanism for handling consumer complaints has also been put in place to support consumer regarding any bill related problems in BBPS.

API Basic features

Easy to integrate
Response format, Json,xml,csv
Auto Complain Handling System
API Recharge Report
Transaction Status
24x7 Billing system
High-Speed Recharge
Auto Refund

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Where to Pay- Different Payment Channels:

                                         Internet/ Website(Pre-login), Internet Banking (Post-login), Mobile app (Pre-login), Mobile-Banking (Post-login), Kiosk, ATM, Bank Branch, Agent, Business Correspondents.

Use an advanced, easy-to-use API to automate all bill payments on your website. With an API, you can have a single application online that manages all of your bill payment transactions. A Payment Acceptor, also known as a Payment Gateway, is one of the most popular and versatile components for handling payment information online. These Gateways provide a secure gateway where third-party software applications can check the validity and legality of online payers.

How to Pay-Different Payment Modes:

                                     Internet Banking| UPI| Credit Card |Debit Card| Prepaid Card| IMPS| NEFT| Wallet | AEPS| Account transfer| BHARAT QR| USSD

Category of Billers Live:

  Electricity| Gas| DTH| Water| Telecom Postpaid| Insurance| Loan Repayments |FASTag Recharge| Cable | Education Fees.

Payment Acceptors are simple web pages that accept a set of structured data as input. Once the data has been passed through the Payment Gateway, your bill information will be automatically calculated and displayed to the user. Payment Acceptors work like a browser. When a user enters some structured information, such as their bill amount or their credit card number, the information is passed along to the appropriate bill payment service. A Payment Gateway then calculates the bill amount and displays it to the user.

To send money to India, travellers should know how to use an authentic API to make currency conversion and Bharat bill payments from their bank accounts. Many banks in India work with select currency conversion companies and accept the conversion rates from those companies when customers make payments. If your bank does not accept international currency conversions through an API, make sure you call and ask if they do. If they do accept the maps API, they will be glad to pass your call along to the correct company.

Types of Billers

- Biller is connected online to respective BBPOU

- All the communications are happening on a real-time basis

- BBPOU will confirm the bill payment only after getting confirmation from

respective biller.

Online Mode

- Biller is not connected to the BBPOU on a real-time basis

- Provides a file of expected bills on regular basis to respective OU

- BBPOU will confirm the bill payment basis the bill information dump

provided by the respective biller

Offline Mode (A)

- The biller does not require a Bill Fetch or is not connected to the BBPOU on a

real-time basis.

- In this scenario, the BBPOU receives all the bill payment requests for that

particular biller without any validation.

BBPS is an integrated bill payment system that will offer interoperable bill payment services to customers online and offline. Once BBPS is implemented, you will be able to pay all your bills in one place. You will be allowed to pay through multiple modes of payments such as net banking, credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, and even by cash in case of offline mode, and get instant confirmation.

To allow customers to use a single bill payment platform, the central bank has worked on a tiered structure. The platform will have two entities—Bharat Bill Payment Central Unit (BBPCU) and Bharat Bill Payment Operating Unit (BBPOU).

BBPCU is a central system that will connect all billers. In 2014, RBI had authorised the National Payments Corp. of India (NPCI) to act as a BBPCU for this project. NPCI is responsible for setting up operational, technical and business standards for the entire system and its participants, and also undertake clearing and settlement activities. Meanwhile, BBPOUs will be authorised operational entities for facilitating bill payments online and offline. These entities already offer bill payment service to customers, but do so is in isolation.